Why We Really Chase Unavailable Partners

I recently had the great honor of contributing an article to Together Magazine's blog. I chose to write about something near and dear to my heart—insecure attachment. Since my separation from my sweet husband two years ago, I've been diving deep into why I'm consistently drawn to more unavailable guys and not as attracted to the available ones. It turns out a lot of my journey has to do with uncovering the places where I was not available for intimacy (imagine that!). Thanks to the work I've done with Empower Love, I've called in an amazing partnership and had a deeply moving completion ceremony with my ex-husband two days ago.

In this article, you'll start to understand the deeper forces at play in insecure attachment and learn how to unravel the knot that has you choose partners that aren't right for you—> http://together.guide/why-we-really-chase-unavailable-men/