Candice co-leads monthly Blindfolded Contact Dance classes in Berkeley, CA with her partner, Gabriel Diamond. She also travels nationally/internationally and teaches throughout the year at renowned festivals/events such as Ecstatic Dance, Beloved, Burning Man, SoulPlay, and NCDC. Workshops she has taught include Heal Your Relationship To The Feminine (For Male-Identified Folks), Somatic Consent, Empathic Dance, Vulnerable Rally, Living An Orgasmic Life (For Female-Identified/Non-Binary Folks), and Slow Sex For Actors. Workshops can be adapted to corporate team settings and private events. Read below to see where you can catch Candice next.

February 20, 2019: Blindfolded Contact Dance (1-hour version taught before Ecstatic Dance Oakland)

February 23, 2019: Blindfolded Contact Dance at Studio 12 in Berkeley, CA, USA. Tickets on sale here—>

June 6-9, 2019: Blindfolded Contact Dance & Heal Your Relationship To The Feminine at SouPlay Festival in Pinecrest, CA.