Orgasmic Meditation* is a simple sexuality practice that helps you connect to your body, feel your desire and release control (which is what prevents us from entering an orgasmic state).

The basic format looks like this: one person (any gender), stroking the most sensitive spot on another person's body--the upper left-hand quadrant of a person's clitoris. The focus is to simply stay connected to the point of highest sensation. The stroking lasts for 15 minutes, which is a long enough period of time to challenge your attention, but a short enough period of time to return easily to your day.

The benefits of the practice include:

  •    greater sensitivity in the genitals and, over time, the entire body (this applies to both stroker and strokee)

  •    ease in connecting to desire and asking for what you want

  •    ability to stay connected and conscious even as the intensity of orgasm increases

  •    increased energy in your life

  •    a new way of approaching sexuality that allows for a wider range of sensation and experience (i.e. enjoying the ride vs. gripping for climax)

Includes basic philosophy, etiquette, technique, a jar of lube, access to the HOW TO OM VIDEO and a guided OM. Can be done in-person (San Francisco) or via Skype.

Includes refreshers in philosophy and technique, along with a guided OM. Can be done in-person (San Francisco) or via Skype.

*Orgasmic Meditation is a two-person practice, and you are responsible for finding your own partner. If you choose to have an OM session without a partner, that is fine. You can still learn the philosophy, technique, etc, but will not have the chance for a guided OM. Candice does not practice OM with clients.