Candice co-leads monthly Blindfolded Contact Dance classes in Berkeley, CA with her partner, Gabriel Diamond. She also travels nationally/internationally and teaches throughout the year at renowned festivals/events such as Ecstatic Dance, Beloved, Burning Man, SoulPlay, and NCDC. Workshops she has taught include Heal Your Relationship To The Feminine (For Masculine-Identified Folks), Somatic Consent, Chance Dance, Vulnerable Rally, Living An Orgasmic Life (For Female-Identified/Non-Binary Femme Folks), and Slow Sex For Actors. Workshops can be adapted to corporate team settings and private events. Read below to see where you can catch Candice next.

June 6-9, 2019: Blindfolded Contact Dance, Vulnerable Rally, & Heal Your Relationship To The Feminine at SoulPlay Festival in Pinecrest, CA (Sold out)

June 14-23, 2019: Blindfolded Contact Dance at NCDC Summer Dance Camp

June 29, 2019: Blindfolded Contact Dance in Berkeley, CA

August 1-4: Blindfolded Contact Dance, Chance Dance, and yoga at Ecstatic Dance Campout in Mendocino, CA