"I am forever changed from my coaching with Candice. She is extremely intuitive, creative, grounded, brilliant and inspiring. We had 12 Skype sessions and my time with her was valuable and rich. Candice offered me reflections and truths that woke up power in my voice and body. I highly recommend her and am deeply grateful." ~Alyson D, Boulder, CO

"In only a few short sessions with Candice, she has guided me to push aside the clutter I built up around myself, which was preventing me from pursuing my dreams. I can arrive at a coaching session with the weight of the world on my shoulders and leave the session with a lightness of body that makes me feel like anything and everything is possible." ~M.H., Queens, NY

"During every moment in the OM session, Candice made my partner and I feel seen and listened to—and helped us both feel exactly the place that would move us forward in our connection. Candice showed an incredible amount of care and empathy in meeting us where we were at and giving us both the insights and experiences we needed. I'm incredibly grateful for our session with Candice and I'd highly recommend her." ~S.R., San Francisco, CA

"Candice has really helped me get in touch with what I really want in my life and has helped me find ways to go out and get it. She has been an integral part of building my personal and professional life. I'm so thrilled we decided to work together!" ~Kelly, Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you! You have really helped me to be true to myself and to be more open with my feelings and open to everyone else's." ~T.G., Los Angeles, CA

"Candice is invaluable in helping me grow personally and in my business. She is full of unique and brilliant insights and has a way of taking me to the next level conversation after conversation. She is extremely enjoyable to work with." ~A.K. Sebastopol, CA

"I finally have a strong foundation from where I can now move forward into the loving and bliss-filled life I have always desired. I want to thank you and acknowledge you for helping me to realize how far away from that I truly was and for all of your loving support." ~S.W., Ukiah, CA