Screenings, Festivals, and Workshops (Oh My!)


Hello Orgasmic Life fans,

So much has been happening over the past several months. With all the flurry of activity, it's been hard to keep up! So here's the breakdown of all the places you can catch me over the summer (with more to come:

1. Join me at SoulPlay Festival June 7-10, where I will be co-facilitating Blindfolded Contact with Gabriel Diamond as well as teaching my own workshop, Heal Your Relationship To The Feminine.

2. The short film I wrote, Generations, will be playing at the Empress Theatre on June 14 in Vallejo, CA. More info can be found on the FB invite.

3. The music video I co-produced/co-directed with Gabriel Diamond, "Rise/Vulnerable Rally," will have its festival world premiere at the Dances With Films Festival at the Chinese Theatre in LA on June 15. After the screening will be a Vulnerable Rally

4. I will be co-teaching two classes at the Northern California Dance Collective's Summer Dance Camp June 15-24: Blindfolded Contact & Somatic Consent.

5. June 27 at 7pm I will be co-teaching Blindfolded Contact with Gabriel Diamond before Ecstatic Dance

6. June 29 Gabriel Diamond and I will be facilitating a 3-hour long Blindfolded Contact workshop in Berkeley, CA from 7-10pm.

7. My book, Reclaiming Eros: A Heroine's Journey, is nearing the finish line! Stay up to date by joining my mailing list.

More to come dear ones in the coming months...

"From 6 to 9 and Beyond" coming to you Summer 2017!

The Whore Archetype. Photo by Sequoia Emmanuelle.

The Whore Archetype. Photo by Sequoia Emmanuelle.

Dear supporters of From 6 to 9 and Beyond,

Thank you so much for your contributions and support as this project comes to fruition. I know it has been some time but I am excited to say that this book is finally receiving the funding it needs to be completed.

Because both crowdfunding campaigns raised well below their projected goals, there have been many delays and I've been forced to come up with creative strategies in order to complete the project. I was even in talks with a major publisher for several months last year to potentially have the book published, but after many rewrites, we realized it simply wasn't the right fit.

However, as I am wrapping up the third draft and preparing to pass the book off to my editors, I am excited to announce that we are projecting a release date sometime in Summer 2017!

So thank you again for your patience and I cannot wait to get From 6 to 9 and Beyond to you.

Take care,

Who is Candice Holdorf? (VIDEO)

Originally posted January 13, 2015

So...this happened yesterday. What began as a quick audition morphed into a playful video that we shot in one-take and that inspired me to edit into a autobiographical "sizzle reel" (gotta admit, I kinda hate that term). Anyway, it was fun to create and hope you enjoy it.

PS-Bonus points to my brilliant husband who told me to ditch my lame-ass script and said, "Just tell me 5 things about yourself. GO!"

One of the Scariest Decisions of my Life...

Originally posted October 31, 2014

One of the things I've learned over the years as an Orgasmic Life Coach is how to spot desire. When I hear the tremble in a client's voice or the strain of resistance or the ho-humness of "that really doesn't matter," I know I am getting closer to what s/he truly wants.

I've learned all the tricks in the book...because I was a master myself. I could rationalize my way through any decision--hiding my desire in the safety of "socially acceptable behavior"--until finally the dam gave way and the messiness of my pulsing orgasm came gushing forth.

I've gotten a lot better at honoring what I want, but there are definitely still times when it takes every ounce of courage to own my desire.

Today feels like one of those days.

But here goes anyway...

As of November 1, I will no longer be taking on any long-term coaching clients. I am freeing my time and shifting my focus on writing, performing and public speaking.

Of course I will continue to work with my current clients for as long as is necessary.

I am committed to redefining orgasm and bringing the erotic out of the shadows of the bedroom and into the shame-free sunlight of everyday life. In fact, I see this as my life's mission. And while this career shift is quite scary on many levels, in my heart I know it is absolutely the next right step.

I've always been a storyteller and I believe it is through artistic expression that I can have the most impact. My writing continues to be a source of joy (and my book is nearing completion!). I feel most alive performing and giving interviews on the changing nature of orgasm, eros and femininity.

I am profoundly grateful for the many people who have chosen to work with me and share their journeys over these past 4+ years. It is through their vulnerability that I have been able to come to accept mine.

For now, I am still available for my signature 2-hour Deep-Dive sessions (both coaching and OM) but by referral only. 

I feel very excited for the next phase of my life as an integrated artist/healer and although I am not really sure how it's all going to look, I can honestly say that orgasm has never let me down thus far--so why would she now?

Thank you for being my orgasmic community and for being such an open and supportive reflection for me in this life.

In faith and service,

Tom Shakti replies to my post "Why I Don't Fuck 'Spiritual Guys"

Originally posted August 14, 2014

Last March, I wrote a piece (originally for Corset Magazine) called "Why I Don't Fuck 'Spiritual Guys'." It definitely caused quite a stir and I received all kinds of comments: people thanking me for exposing these guys; people enjoying the humor; people wondering if I was talking about them; and people downright accusing me of being an angry bitch who couldn't get laid (which was shocking, considering that the latter's names linked back to several yoga retreats--I was expecting a little more "enlightenment" from them).

In any case, meet Tom Shakti, a Sensitive New-Age Guy (SNAG) who was particularly miffed at the piece. In all fairness, I did use a video of him as an example of the type of guy to which I was referring. But he does get a little, shall we say, personal in his criticism of me.

My response? Namaste, Tom...namaste.

Oh, and hey--don't give up. You can always try

The Orgasmic Life featured in Origin Magazine's January Issue

Originally posted January 7, 2013

It's an honor to be featured once again by Origin Magazine, this time in their Couples Shifting the Planet article in their January 2013 Issue. What makes it even more special is that I am featured alongside my Beloved, Adam Gordon, who is an amazing relationship and transformational coach.

The text is as follows:

Candice Holdorf: My vision is a world where women are celebrated for their appetites; where love and sex are not treated as currency; where prayer is medicine; where vulnerability is revered; and where play, pleasure, desire and orgasm are noble principles.

Adam Gordon: I believe that we are already our own greatest teacher. I help people let in their deepest experience by moving past learned shame, judgments and fears. From this place of acceptance, their true genius is revealed.

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I'm featured in Origin Magazine's "Leaders Who Inspire" Series!

Originally posted October 6, 2012

Just a quick thank you to conscious lifestyle publication, Origin Magazinefor featuring me in their 'Leaders Who Inspire' Series. It's pretty awesome to be included in such badass company as's Bob Weisenberg and Femvolution leader and incredible music producer, Melissa Hall, a.k.a Alia.

You can still pick up your copy at Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble, Sprouts and other fine health stores.

Here's what I had to say (since the writing is a little small):

I'm inspired by courage in the face of fear; foundry-pushing artistic expression; women with appetite; men who are brave enough to cry; the power of prayer; and my fiancé.

I work with people in the arenas of sexuality, desire and orgasm. I am also an actress, writer and recovering anorexic.