Listen to an interview with me on Salona Carlisle's podcast "Integrated Woman"

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Honored to be featured on Salona Carlisle's podcast "Integrated Woman." In this episode, we talk about my personal journey, what an orgasmic life looks like, and what's up with my book, Reclaiming Eros: A Heroine's Journey. Enjoy!

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Listen to a Very Revealing Interview on the "Together" podcast

Photo by Karl Baba

Photo by Karl Baba

My husband, Adam Gordon, and I are pretty candid about our relationship. But this interview with Erik Newton on the Together podcast went way deeper than we expected. Take a peek behind the curtain of our relationship and see what's it's like to create a marriage based on supporting your partner(s) desires.

Check Out My Husband and Me on "Fights Clean, Sex Dirty TV"

Adam and I had a blast speaking with Raj & Gaby Sundra from Relationship Fun & Games. Check out the re-broadcast of our interview on "Fights Clean, Sex Dirty TV." We share all our tips and tricks on how to keep fights clean when in the heat of the argument--and even share a little about how to get that heat to move into the bedroom ;-) Enjoy!

DeBora M. Ricks Interviews Me on She Struts Radio

I am honored to be featured on DeBora M. Ricks' podcast She Struts Radio, which focuses on feminine personal empowerment. You can learn more about the show and catch up on all the episodes here: 

Click on the video below to listen to my interview on living an orgasmic life.

It's Time to Get Personal...

Originally posted March 3, 2015

I recently had the fantastic honor of being interviewed by my colleague, Dave T. Koenig, for his podcast, Bring Your Own Lunch, which explores the lives of actors, writers, comedians and all types of people in the performing biz. 

We get real. We get raw. We get personal. We dive WAY deep into the history of my childhood, my days as an anorexic, my life as an actor and my erotic awakening and life as a writer.

You do not want to miss this.


Interview with Mai Vu on "Hot Life Hot Love"

Originally posted June 10, 2014

I had a fabulous time with Mai Vu on her show "Hot Life Hot Love." We talked about feminine eroticism and shared some very personal and heartfelt stories about learning to grow up as sexual beings. Have a look below and leave a comment with your questions!

And be sure to visit the crowdfunding campaign for my book and pre-order your copy!

Download my interview on "How We Talk About Sex"

Originally posted May 20, 2014

I am proud and honored to be featured on Eric Leviton's fabulous podcast, "How We Talk About Sex," released on 5/18/14. Download the interview from iTunes and listen in as I share some of the more personal details of my erotic and spiritual journey, as well as a discussion of my upcoming book, From 6 to 9 and Beyond: Widening the Lens of Feminine Eroticism.

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Conversations about Leading in Truth: With Tanya Paluso and Friends

Originally posted September 19, 2013

Check out this great discussion on "Leading in Truth" and what it means to be a leader today. Listen as Tanya Paluso and I, as well as a panel of female entrepreneurs, touch on topics ranging from integration, letting go, radical acceptance, abundance and more. PLUS! Find out just what the heck a "Pussy ATM" is ;)

Learn more about Tribal Truth here.

Meet our panelists:

Daphne Cohn:

Jordanna Eyre:

Cory Michelle Johnson: