Mary Magdalene

SLUT: A Poem

Penitent Magdalene  by Titian

Penitent Magdalene by Titian

I was a Virgin for a long time.


Perhaps you think

I mean

I took 21 years

To let a man Penetrate me



My Worthiness

By the diminishing inches

Of his Cock?




I mean a Virgin

In a language long forgotten:

Lost in the ashes

Of burned witches


Or in the silenced vows

Of Brides of Christ,

Whose names were erased

In canonical Genocide.


I was a Virgin.


A woman unto herself;

Whole; Unshackled; Owned by No One;

And in this way

We’ve always been Virgins--


Our women's wisdom,

Written in our Mothers' bosom,

Survived the translation migration

From page to pyre.


Observe your Holy Rights.


Do I deserve to be attacked,

Unwritten from history,

Because I fucked my way

Through the Zodiac?


Keep your righteous indignation.

Your taunts and jeers

Only urge my Vestal Reclamation

And the resurrection of my Erotic Innocence.


We. Are. Coming.


So here I stand:

Palms stretched, legs spread,

Re-Virginized once more,

While making love to the Sacred Whore.